What is Superules?

Superules is football for guys over the age of 35. There are 3 age groups that can be played in.

  1. Supers- over 35’s played for points, 9 games per year, 1 x semi final, 1 x grand final. We have 3 divisions of supers – Plenty Valley is in first division.
  2. Masters- over 35s NOT played for points, percentage is added up at the end of the year and a play off between 1st and 2nd happens on grand final day.
  3. Over 47’s- this is a new concept to allow the older guys to compete with people around there age and is growing by the year. Played for fun NOT points as well.

All games are played once a fortnight on a Sunday afternoon, we have 4 x 20 minute quarters with NO time on, 5 minute break at quarter and three quarter time and 10 minutes at half time. Training is every Wednesday from 6.00pm on and after training food and drinks are available.