Why play superules?

Superules is a fantastic way for older football lovers to stay in the game without competing against younger and more aggressive players, keep fit, play against opponents in the same age bracket and most of all network through a system that has over 1400 players metro wide creating new relationships and friendships with past players and past opponents from other teams who now enjoy playing with you.

Superules is a family system that encourages wives and children to support and participate in aspects of the club and on the ground. It has been designed to be as non invasive as possible so that family life can be attended to as normal yet allowing dads and husbands to enjoy a life long love whilst staying fit and healthy.

As we move forward in life, work and family life stresses can take there toll and it becomes more important to look after health and fitness so we can deal with the stresses of life, this is achieved in a team environment where people of all walks of life come together with fitness in mind, exchange ideas, network business opportunities and support each other with solutions and information.